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My Perfect Garden Bed
My Perfect Garden Bed
My Perfect Garden Bed
My Perfect Garden Bed

My Perfect Garden Bed

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Start your own garden without the landscaping! 

Rated #1 Gardening Bed 
Kick out the hard tasks of landscaping to start a garden! With the My Perfect Garden Bed™ simply unfold the fabric raised bed, fill with soil, and you’re ready to plant. Our portable beds are designed to cultivate rich and health plants anywhere! Once the winter comes simply empty out the beds and store.

These planting beds were designed as an alternative to ceramic, plastic, or clay pots. Due to the lack of air flow and proper draining that occurs with solid pots, you are more likely to be troubled with root rot. Luckily, our planting beds were designed with sustainable and durable fabric that allows the soil to breathe and drain water properly!

✔ Easy to Set Up - All you have to do is unfold the planting bed, fill it up with soil, and start growing!

✔ Proper Drainage - Having the right kind of drainage for your soil is so important! Overly soaked soil causes lack of oxygen and will ultimately lead to the death of roots and loss of strength in the plant. Our planting bed was designed to eliminate this issue!

✔ Thriving Probiotics - Just like humans, soil and plant roots need beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. Our porous fabric provides our soil and roots with an abundance of oxygen allowing these beneficial bacteria to work their magic and help our plants grow!

✔ Adaptation to Climate - Our planting bed was designed to adapt to different climates. During the cold season our fabric is able to warm up quickly in the sun and during the warmer season our fabric allows excess heat to be released and protects the roots.

✔ Easy to Clean - Once you are done with a harvest or are looking for a change in plants, hose down the majority of the dirt and stick it in the washing machine on a cold cycle and hang to dry!




50x20cm L- 50cm/19.69inch H- 20cm/7.87inch

70x30cm L- 70cm/27.56inch H- 30cm/11.81inch

80x30cm L - 80cm/31.5inch H- 30cm/11.81inch

90x30cm L - 90cm/35.43inch H - 30cm/11.81inch

127x30cm L - 127cm/50inch  H- 30cm/11.81inch

Package Includes

1 x My Perfect Garden Bed