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Smart Fingerprint Lock
Smart Fingerprint Lock
Smart Fingerprint Lock
Smart Fingerprint Lock

Smart Fingerprint Lock

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Why Smart Fingerprint Lock

Portable & Comfortable - Weights only 90 grams. 
Save Time - Unlock in ½ second. Don't waste your time on keys or passwords.

USB Rechargeable - Long battery life. Lasts for up to 1 year per charge. 

 Auto Detect - when the battery is getting low, the lock will flash a red light.

 Multi Use Can be used for doors, handbags, bicycles, luggage, storage lockers and cabinets.

 Can store 10 fingerprints - can store 2 admin fingerprints + 8 user fingerprints.

Great Gift - Show your loved ones you care about them and want them to be safe. This lock is a wonderful present for your family, friends, partner or even kids, if you want to them to secure their backpacks.

How To Set up fingerprints?

The first & second fingerprints you set are the admin's fingerprints.

All other fingerprints you set are the user's fingerprints.


  1. Long press the sensor for 5 seconds.
  2. Lift your finger when the blue light flashes.
  3. Start recording your fingerprint when the green light flashes.
  4. Record your fingerprint while the blue and green lights flash.
    You need to record your fingerprint 10 times for the same finger from different angles.
  5. 1. If your record was successful you will see a blue light.
    2. If your record failed you will see a red light.
  6. After you had 10 successful records a green light will flash.

Only an admin can authorize new fingerprints and delete current ones.

Once deleted, all fingerprints will be deleted.

How To Delete fingerprints?

  1. Long press the sensor for 10 seconds.
  2. Lift your finger when the red light flashes.
  3. While The HawkLock™ One is deleting all fingerprints you will see a green light.
  4. After it's done the light will be gone.


How To Charge?

it can be charged with any USB cable.